Cursed Fortunes

While travelling to the great Ziggurat, the contingent of the Ankh Empire were beset by sand oozes. Splitting into five groups, they made a mad dash for the ziggurat but were assailed – many were killed. Lamina and Tiberias felled one of the creatures.

Arriving at their destination, the party were shocked to see the approaching dustcloud of a Chaos horde. Panicked and not happy with such paltry reinforcement, the Ankh garrison they met fled south. After this, a wall of flame appeared and washed over the contingent. Figures emerged from the flames and defeated the party, knocking them into unconsciousness.

Tiberias awoke in a dingy stone cavity, very low to the ground and sealed off from a room by a golden grate. The metal had softened from the oppressive heat in the chamber and Tiberias freed himself. Likewise, Lamina the Great liberated himself and others – their Ankh slavers. They resolved their differences and agreed to find a way out of their dungeon, presuming it to be the Golden Ziggurat.

The walls were of warm stone, with dancing flame patterns. Tiberias struck his blade on the wall and it screamed! After some searching another room with grates was discovered – this one housing many half-orc slaves. They had felled their Ankh cellmates. Ignoring the presence of Ankhs in the party, they joined with them to escape.

It was not long before the party needed to rest; the half-orcs feasted on one of their own. They refused to go on and the party dwindled back to Lamina, Tiberias, Muddy Potts and three Ankh soldiers. One of them was a sergeant and helped them find their way. The two Ankh grunts fled before a fight with Hellhounds – their death cries rung about the stone walls. In the middle of the fight, strange humanoids with red robes fired on the party – the same figures who emerged from the flame and captured them. They fled the party and its wrath.

Reaching the top of the ziggurat was made difficult by the large numbers of red acolytes. They appeared to be heading up the inside of the ziggurat in procession. After a time the party reached the top only to find a mechanism with which they could leave. Breathing fresh air once again, they were shocked to spy another procession heading up the stairs. They hid back in the ziggurat to their dismay and awaited the start of something.

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